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Get clarity on walking and operating in your value and worth. Live in & enjoy your authenticity on purpose.

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Our Focus

  •  Creating tailor-made programs that meet the specific needs for individuals.

  • Conducting workshops to empower individuals by facilitating activities that supports walking in their full potential.

  • Supporting individuals through building their relationships skills with others.

  •  Encouraging individuals to appreciate life and live fully in their phase of life with joy.

  •  Providing tools and resources that will guide individuals to live successfully.

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& Goals


Our Vision

At Victorious Woman Rising Foundation, we are dedicated to providing support and empowerment to women, especially those who have experienced trauma in relationships. While we are just beginning our journey, our vision is clear: to create a nurturing community where every woman feels heard, valued, and empowered to transform her life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer comprehensive support to women on their journey towards healing and personal growth. Through a variety of programs and resources, we aim to help women overcome the challenges they face after experiencing trauma in relationships, and guide them towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

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Our Services


Counseling &   Support groups

  •  Providing a safe space for women to share their experiences, connect with others who understand, and receive professional guidance and support.

Educational workshops

  • Offering workshops and seminars led by experts in areas such as trauma recovery, self-care, and personal development.

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Resource referral

  • Connecting women with resources and organizations in their community that can provide additional support and assistance.


  • Resumes

  • Interview Techniques

  • Interview Practice


  • Hosting empowering events and gatherings where women can unite, share their stories, and celebrate their strength and resilience.

how you can help

At Victorious Woman Rising Foundation, we believe in the power of collective action to create lasting change. Your support is vital in helping us realize our vision and make a meaningful difference in the lives of women who need it most. By becoming a donor, volunteering your time, or spreading the word about our cause you are helping us provide essential resources, programs, and support services to women on their journey to healing and empowerment. Together, we can rewrite stories of resilience, strength, and triumph.


Choose Your Impact: Donation Tiers

Every donation, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the women we serve. Explore our donation tiers below and discover how you can become a Champion of Change:

VWR Hope


Donation Amount:

$25 - $99

Start your journey with us as a Hope Builder and make a difference in the lives of women in need.

Provides essential resources for counseling and support groups for women in need.

VWR Strength Advocate:

Donation Amount:

$100 - $249

Amplify your impact as a Strength Advocate, supporting educational workshops and empowerment events.

 Helps fund educational workshops and empowerment events for women overcoming trauma.

VWR Courage Champion:

Donation Amount:

$250 - $499

Stand tall as a Courage Champion and help us expand our reach, connecting more women with vital resources.

Supports the development and implementation of resource referral services, connecting women with vital support networks.

VWR Empowerment Ambassador:

Donation Amount:

$500 - $999

Lead the way as an Empowerment Ambassador, driving sustainable growth and empowerment for women in our community.

Contributes to the expansion of our programs, reaching even more women in need with life-changing support and resources.

VWR Victorious Visionary: 

Donation Amount:

$1000 +

Envision a brighter future with us as a Victorious Visionary, ensuring our mission endures for generations to come.

Helps us realize our bold vision for the future, ensuring sustainable growth and empowerment for generations of women to come.

Make a donation

Every donation, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the women we serve. Explore our donation tiers below and discover how you can become a Champion of Change:


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